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Professional Metal Recycling Services in Kamloops

Serving the industry since 1974, Central Salvage Ltd is your local shop for metal recycling services in Kamloops. You can rely on us for buying and selling used and new metals, site dismantling and roll-off containers. We have built trust with our clients through our professional and friendly services. Many of our clients are our repeat customers today. We are known for offering high-quality metal products that are pocket-friendly. Not only that, but our payment process for removing scrap is also simple, with clients getting the benefit of on-the-spot payments for nearly any kind of metal.

Want to know more about how we do things? Feel free to get in touch. Our team will provide you with all the information and resolve any doubts you may have!

Quality Roll-off Containers of Multiple Sizes

Transporting volumes of scrap metals to a distant location every few days can be troublesome and time-consuming. That’s where our roll-off containers come in handy. We offer bins of different sizes for all types of customers and businesses, such as mills, mines, auto wreckers, farms, automotive body shops, and contractors.

Our team can drop the bin at your location and haul it away when filled. At our facility, we weigh the hauled scrap, and based on the standard market rate, initiate an instant payment.

Our roll-off containers are available in three sizes to fit your varying client needs.

  • 6-yard

  • 12-yard

  • 16-yard lugger bin

Comprehensive Site Dismantling Solutions

With Central Salvage Ltd’s complete site dismantling solutions, you can easily dispose of old steel and other metal equipment that might end up in landfills. Our team members are trained in machine handling and safely execute big dismantling jobs. Once the dismantling is done, we will get your scrap towed away.

What We Dismantle & Compact

Large SitesSmall Dismantling Mobile Metal Baler Services
Site Dismantling and Removal Boneyard Clean-upCrushing and Bailing of Vehicles (Big or Small)
Mine Dismantling and RemovalFarmyard Clean-upCrushing and Bailing of White Goods
Large/Oversized Equipment Dismantling and RemovalScrap Steel Clean-upCrushing and Bailing of Tin Metals

We also have a lot of usable tubes, pipes, angles, and plates for sale

Scrap Removal for a Variety of Metals 

Want to dispose of the junk in your backyard but don’t have time for it? Let Central Salvage Ltd take care of it. Our solutions include bin pickup and delivery, site demolition, site cleanups, and equipment hauling.

Metals We Accept

We always keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest price of metals in the market. This helps us ensure that you get the top dollar for all your scrap sales. Come to us if you need any of the following metals:

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Copper

  • Tin

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Catalytic converters

  • Batteries

  • Insulated wire

  • Transformers

  • Electronics

We offer a drive-in service to make the trading process convenient. Central Salvage Ltd also has a resell yard so you can purchase scrap inventory of new and used metals.

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Get a Great Pay-out for Your Scrap Metals

We buy, sell, dismantle, and recycle your scrap steel and used metals, with respectable pay-outs to sellers at market rates.  

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