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Central Salvage Ltd, Kamloops, BC

Kamloops, BC

Knox Mountain Metals, Kelowna, BC

Kelowna, BC

Williams Lake Scrap Metal Recycling, Williams Lake, BC

Williams Lake, BC

Allen’s Scrap & Salvage, Prince George, BC

Prince George, BC

Allen’s Scrap & Salvage, Terrace, BC

Terrace, BC

Hinton Scrap Metal Ltd., Hinton, AB

Hinton, AB


Northwest Industrial Sales was created in 1975 by two brothers, Michael and John O’Regan, who had moved from New Brunswick to Kamloops, BC, in search of business opportunities. It was focused on used steel sales, as well as the purchase and sale of scrap metal.

Later, in 1983, the yard and assets were bought by the Brigden family. The Central Salvage Ltd location in Kamloops was founded in the latter half of 1983 by Michael and John to fulfil the scrap metal needs of industrial clients. It was then that they began building roll-off containers and started a mobile scrap metal company. They used a small rail spur in Heffley Creek to reload scrap metals that were bound for steel mills.

Years later, Michael’s son Mark joined the company in 1999, and John’s son Kent joined the company in 2004, both of whom continue to own 50% of the company today.

2010: Around this time, more money was invested into adding a truck scale to the Heffley Creek site to accommodate the Kamloops customers. Alongside that, a car baler was added, and the business started to flourish.

2013: They bought their first external scrap business, Williams Lake Scrap Metal Recycling, from Brent Judd and Wyatt Bednarz. Later, the business was relocated to a newly purchased property at 4105 Frizzi Rd. This property already had a rail spur and a large shop.

2015: In September this year, Central Salvage Ltd bought back the original Northwest in Kamloops from the Brigden family. 

2016: The original Northwest was renovated by the summer of 2016. 

2017: Our new division, Hinton Scrap Metal, was purchased from Schnitzer Steel. Mark’s brother Eric joined the business as a managing partner, which he still remains today.

2020: Central Salvage Group was established and added to the group of companies by purchasing Knox Mountain Metals. Currently, it is managed by Jayden Herzog. 

2021: CSL Group is formed as a parent organization to provide a cohesive management structure to existing locations.  

2021: The construction of a new yard in Edson Alta at 723 54th St. South began. In August 2021, our newest division, Allen’s Scrap Metal, was purchased. With this, Clayton Moznik joined the Central Salvage Ltd ownership team and is currently the general manager and part-owner of Prince George and Terrace operations. Later this year, Hinton and Edson of the Alberta division changed the business name to Rocky Mountain Salvage Inc.

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